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PIP Benefits: Hi everybody, I am attorney Sean Brennan with the Accident Recovery Team, and I want to talk to you a little bit about PIP benefits of the Kansas automobile insurance policy that many people don’t know exist. If you get into an automobile accident in Kansas, you should take advantage of these benefits. Your Standard Kansas automobile insurance policy is going to have a benefit called Personal Injury Protection benefits, or PIP. Your PIP benefits will pay your medical bills right after an accident if you are hurt in your car. PIP benefits will also pay for things like lost wages, typically they will pay 85 percent of your normal salary or wage up to 900 dollars a month for a 12-month period. Both of these benefits, immediate payment of medical bills and immediate payment of lost wages, can be a real help after an personal injury auto accident. If you have questions about some of the benefits your entitled to under your automobile policy or benefits you are entitled to under an at fault drives automobile policy, feel free to call one of the attorney at the Accident Recovery Team.

PIP Benefits


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