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What Do I Do if I am in a Wreck? Personal Injury FAQ

Hey everybody at Sean Brennan with the Accident Recovery Team and I want to talk to you today about one of the common questions we hear, I’ve just been in a wreck what do I do?  Several things can be done, including getting the police involved, getting the scene documented, and seeing a doctor within a few days after the accident.

Call the authorities

I’ve just been in a wreck what do I do? The first thing you need to do after an automobile accident is always be sure to call the police get the authorities there.  If you get in an accident with another driver, and that driver says “Hey this isn’t that big a deal let’s not call the police”.  There’s usually a reason why they don’t want to call the authorities.  That reason can be any number of things, but often they won’t have insurance.  However, I know from experience it is all the more reason for you to call the police if whoever your in an accident with has stated “this isn’t a big deal there’s no property damage and let’s not make any phone calls”.  This is likely going to work to your disadvantage in the long run.  Rule of thumb is to always get a report as to what happened with the police.  You could very well have a personal injury case on your hands, and this will only assist you in your efforts.

Get the Scene Documented

I’ve just been in a wreck what do I do? Another good idea is if you can is have anyone around you take pictures and video at the accident scene. Taking too many pictures or video never hurts as it is always a good idea to have more information than you will need for your case.  Take pictures and video of your vehicle.  It’s also a great idea to take pictures and video of any injuries you may have.

Go See a Doctor

I’ve just been in a wreck what do I do? It’s perfectly natural to give yourself a few days to see how you’re doing after an automobile accident.  We see people all the time who want to tough it out.  They want to give it weeks or months before they go in and see a doctor. While that’s admirable, it gives the insurance company an out if you wait weeks and weeks to go to a doctor after a car wreck.  You really should go to see a physician as soon after the accident as possible.  The insurance company is going to say “this person waited weeks to go the doctor they can’t be hurt,  they must have hurt themselves at work or at home.” You owe it to yourself to get the medical care that you need to get when you get an automobile accident.

If you have questions talk to a proven attorney who deals in automobile accidents.  Call the Accident Recovery Team at 267-TEAM now!

I've just been in a wreck what do I do?what do I do?
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