Accident Recovery Team

Keep Heat Stroke at Bay this Summer

This summer has been filled with hotter than normal days, many times reaching over 100°F. Despite the heat, many of us are trying to fit in a bit more summer fun before school starts. While out and about, It’s important to be aware of the symptoms for heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.  Know the […]

Water Safety Keeps the Summer Fun

With nicer weather, many people are hitting the water. Whether in a boat or swimming in a lake, stay safe this summer while in the water. Have a summer of safety with these water safety tips from the Accident Recovery Team. Swimmer and Water Safety When swimming in a pool or lake, water safety means […]

Runner Safety Keeps You Alive

With nicer weather, many joggers and runners are taking their workouts outdoors. During a run, it’s easy to focus on the run instead of paying attention to what’s happening around you. When you’re preoccupied, the likelihood of getting into an accident with a vehicle is increased. Have a summer of safety with these runner safety […]

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