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Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability Attorney
in Wichita, KS

The Accident Recovery Team secures social security disability benefits for clients. The Team offers insider knowledge as former insurance attorneys.  Securing the life-changing financial assistance clients need.

The lawyers at Accident Recovery Team assist injured, ill and disabled clients. Make Accident Recovery Team your first call after an injury or debilitating diagnosis. These life-changing events are difficult to navigate and overwhelming. Our team understands. We can help.

Disability Attorney

Social Security Benefits

The social security system provides benefits to people with disabilities. Beginning in 1956, financial assistance is available for those who do not have the ability to work because of long-term illness or injury. These benefit claims take a long time to process. An extensive amount of documentation is required.

The attorneys on our team are seasoned professionals. Offering informed advise and compassionate guidance to each client. Accident Recovery Team clients receive straightforward communication. Frequent updates keep them informed throughout the claim’s process.

Talk to an Expert

Disability claims are complicated. Expert know-how helps when applying for social security disability. Legal representation keeps the process moving forward toward approval.

Gary Albin leads Accident Recovery Team’s social security disability benefits team. He secures benefits for deserving clients. With twenty years of experience, Gary is knowledgeable and accomplished. He understands each claim and advises each client with compassion.

Initial consultations are free. Meet with a disability attorney for preliminary discussions regarding prospective claims.  There is no fee. We will review the details with you and make recommendations for your case.

You need an experienced disability attorney.  Call the Accident Recovery Team today!

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