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Led by Accident Recovery Team’s Sean Brennan, the partners discuss a range of topics from car accidents, products liability cases and premises liability cases to worker related injuries. Listen for information on medical care, insurance coverage limits, vehicle repairs, damage claims and other specifics along the road to recovery after an accident. In sit-down discussions with partners Todd King and Gary Albin, the Accident Recovery Team also brings in industry experts to dissect each topic. Based in Wichita, the Team examines Kansas law and how it affects worker’s compensation.

For more than 20 years, the Accident Recovery Team has been proudly representing injured clients and securing fair compensation on their behalf.  As former insurance attorneys, the Team is well versed in the tricks of the insurance industry and has heard every excuse they offer. Committed to strong, competent and compassionate representation, the Team puts clients back on level ground with big companies and legal departments working against their claim. Thanks for tuning in to the Accident Recovery Team podcast.