Insurance Litigation

Just because you paid for your insurance doesn't mean the insurance company will want to pay you when you have a valid claim.  Insurance litigation may be necessary.  A bad faith action may arise from several scenarios: the insurer denies a claim which is seemingly valid under the contract or policy, the insurer refuses to pay out for an unreasonable amount of time, or the insurer unreasonably lays the burden of proof on the insured – often in a situation where the claim isn't documented in a manner the insurance company feels is complete or appropriate.

If an insurer is found to be guilty of a common law theory of negligence, they can be fined either by regulatory bodies, or held accountable in a lawsuit brought by the insured or surrounding party.

If your insurance company isn't willing to pay you the fair value of a claim in a reasonable amount of time, you need experienced legal help. Accident Recovery Team offers free legal consultations to review your legal rights and options concerning an insurance company's bad faith refused to pay benefits.  There is no fee unless we collect compensation for you. Don't settle for less.