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Water Safety Keeps the Summer Fun

With nicer weather, many people are hitting the water. Whether in a boat or swimming in a lake, stay safe this summer while in the water. Have a summer of safety with these water safety tips from the Accident Recovery Team. Swimmer and Water Safety When swimming in a pool or lake, water safety means […]

Runner Safety Keeps You Alive

With nicer weather, many joggers and runners are taking their workouts outdoors. During a run, it’s easy to focus on the run instead of paying attention to what’s happening around you. When you’re preoccupied, the likelihood of getting into an accident with a vehicle is increased. Have a summer of safety with these runner safety […]

Car Seat Safety Protects Young Lives

Car seats and booster seats provide protection for infants and children in the event of a car crash. It’s important to choose and use the right car seat for your child at every stage. It’s also vital to use the car seat correctly every time your child is in the car. So the Accident Recovery […]

Summer Safety on the Road

As the temperature rises, so do the number of accidents and trips to the emergency room. Make a commitment to yourself and your family to make safety a priority this summer. Bicycle rides, road trips, and holiday parties should be fun and a time to make memories. Follow these summer safety tips and tricks by […]

Bicycle Safety Saves Lives

As summer approaches and the weather warms up, many people dust off their bicycles and head to the streets. The Accident Recovery Team knows that unfortunately most people don’t take the proper bicycle safety precautions before taking their bicycle out on the road. As part of our Summer of Safety initiative, here’s some ways to […]

Distracted Driving is Preventable

Driving Safety Tips - Accident Recovery Team

Accident Recovery Team knows many crashes caused by distracted driving could’ve been easily avoided. Unfortunately, people bring their biggest distraction into the car with them. Cell phone usage leads to 1.6 million accidents each year. Way beyond texting, drivers become distracted by social media, digital maps, music and phone apps. But distracted driving is preventable! […]

Big Semi-Trucks, Big Wrecks

Semi-truck wrecks wreak havoc on the lives of their victims. Almost half a million accidents occur each year involving 18-wheelers. These wrecks are often more destructive than the average accident. Heavy trucks and trailers travel at accelerated speeds, creating high impact crashes. This leads to devastating injuries and fatalities. In a Semi-Truck Wreck: What Now? […]

Accident Recovery Team in the Community

The Accident Recovery Team stays active in the community. Throughout the year, attorneys and staff support service organizations, volunteer, donate to charitable causes and contribute to non-profit organizations. Lending time, talent and treasure to the Wichita community is core to the Accident Recovery Team mission. Through contests and social media promotions, the Accident Recovery Team […]

Complex Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Surgical mistakes, labor and birth injuries, errors in anesthesia and other harm caused by medical professionals costs lives. The Accident Recovery Team understands that medical malpractice creates life-altering circumstances and, unfortunately, even death. We reach for resolutions and stand ready to go […]