When Do I Need To Contact A Lawyer?

If you have been in an accident, such as a car accident, and you’re thinking about taking legal action, you may be wondering when you need to contact a lawyer after your accident. Should you call right away? Wait a little while to see if you need expensive medical care? What’s the right move?

You Need To Contact A Lawyer Immediately After Your Accident 

The answer is that, if you plan to pursue legal action, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. At the Accident Recovery Team, we’ve handled hundreds of cases from beginning to end – and one thing that they have in common is that the ones which we’ve handled from the very start have gone more smoothly for our clients.

So the short answer is this – if you think you need a lawyer, you need to contact Sean Brennan and then Accident Recovery Team right away. It will help streamline your claim for an automobile accident, personal injury, or a worker’s comp claim.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer Right Away?

In our experience, there are a few reasons you should hire a lawyer from the Accident Recovery Team right away when you experience an accident.

  • Keep the details clear and accurate – If your accident goes to court or we must negotiate with insurers on your behalf, having your story straight about the accident is critical. You don’t want to make any mistakes or accidental errors that the defense can use against you.
  • Prevent mistakes – Even a small legal mistake or accident on your part could jeopardize your entire case, which is why you should hire a lawyer from the very beginning.
  • Get more money for your claim – In our experience, cases that have been handled appropriately from day one usually result in higher overall claim amounts – which means it’s worth the investment to start working with a lawyer right away.

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When Do I need to Contact a Lawyer