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Car accidents can happen anywhere, even in your own neighborhood. But accidents that happen on the highway can be especially traumatic and even deadly. During 2020, it is estimated that there were 27,853,713,372 miles traveled. That’s plenty of opportunity for an accident on the road to happen.

Avoid Car Accidents by Using Data

The number one best way to avoid car accidents is to focus on your driving. Don’t drive distracted! Beyond texting, drivers can become distracted by social media, digital maps, music and phone apps. The next best way to stay safe on the road is to listen to the facts and adjust accordingly. For years, the Kansas Department of Transportation has compiled data from all car accidents that occurred on a road or highway. Here are trends they have spotted that can be useful when deciding when to get behind the wheel:

  • There tend to be more vehicle crashes in the winter months than any other time of year. However, the crashes tend to be severe and fatal in the summer months.
  • Car accidents during the week tend to spike on Fridays and drop low on Sundays. As most could predict, accidents skew to being more fatal on Friday and Saturdays.
  • Another statistic that shouldn’t be surprising is that most vehicle accidents occur between 3pm and 7pm on a typical day. The deadlier accidents also occur during these times and extend later into the night.
  • It’s also worth noting that over half the reported car accidents happened when it was raining, misting, or drizzling outside. 
  • Over 60% of vehicle accidents occur in urban areas. However the percentage of fatal crashes in rural areas compared to urban areas is much higher. 
  • Over twice as many accidents take place on streets and roads than on highways. Although, on highways, the odds of the accident being fatal is increased tremendously. 

Count on the Accident Recovery Team

When car accidents happen, the attorneys at Accident Recovery Team fight for injured clients. Work with The Accident Recovery Team to build a compelling case that helps you receive fair compensation for damages. Our team understands that you are dealing with a tough, tragic and life-changing challenge. We’ll walk with you through the legal system and fight for compensation for your injuries. 

The Accident Recovery Team works on a contingency fee basis, so our attorneys only get paid when we settle or win the case. No legal fees, no hidden fees, no fine print. We never ask you to write a check. We also operate under a “no small case’” mantra. Every one of our clients gets the same level of dedication, no matter how big or small their case is. Contact Accident Recovery Team today and begin to recover from the harm caused by car accidents.

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