Accident Recovery Team

The Accident Recovery Team is incredibly thankful for the support and commitment from the local community. We’re spending this season reflecting on what the community has done for us, as well as how we’ve given back. 

Our Team in the Community

Accident Recovery Team prioritizes and enjoys being active in the community. Throughout the year, attorneys and staff have supported service organizations, volunteered, donated to charitable causes and contributed to non-profit organizations. As a team, we have enjoyed running various giveaway campaigns this year to provide support to our community. During our Summer of Safety campaign, we gave away gas cards, as well as other gift cards and prizes. Then this fall, we kicked off the 2022-23 school year with our Nominate a Teacher campaign. We wanted to support our local teachers by giving away $250 to use toward back-to-school supplies for their classroom.

As needs grow around the holidays each year, the Accident Recovery Team wants to step up to the challenge. We’re currently running our Hope for the Holidays campaign to help with the financial strain that often accompanies the holidays. We’re giving away $500 every Monday through December 19th.

Be Intentional This Season

Accident  Recovery Team truly believes that everyone can and should contribute to the community. Volunteer, donate, check on a neighbor, call a friend or family member, or put a card in the mail. If time and funds are short, simply share positive messages online. No effort is too small. We encourage you to engage in the community and share your good deeds with us online. Reach out and tell us how you’re making the Wichita area a better, safer place to live, work and enjoy.

Accident Recovery Team is Here – Even on the Holidays

Accidents don’t happen on your schedule, which is why Accident Recovery Team is always available. We can take your call at any time of day or night, on the weekend, or even on a holiday. Give us a call, contact us online, or try out our chat service. Have you been in a serious car accident? Do you need help with a worker’s compensation claim? Have suffered from any other personal injury? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Accident Recovery Team is here to provide the help you need. So don’t wait. Contact us now, and see why we’re the best team of attorneys in Wichita.

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