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The heat of summer is upon us. As the temperature rises, unfortunately, so do the number of accidents and trips to the emergency room. The Accident Recovery Team asks that you prioritize a summer of safety for yourself and your family. Whether you’re jogging or bicycling around the neighborhood, or navigating construction zones in order to soak up the sun at the lake, the summer should be for memories, not accidents. Follow these summer safety tips and tricks to avoid accidents, costly consequences, and a less-than-awesome summer. Then enter our Summer of Safety Giveaway at the end of the post!

Safe Jogging Keeps You Alive

During a jog, it’s easy to focus on your running time instead of paying attention to what’s happening around you. When you’re preoccupied, the likelihood of getting into an accident with a vehicle is increased. Have a summer of safety with these runner safety tips from the Accident Recovery Team.

  • Don’t Run Alone – Practice runner safety by recruiting a friend or two to go with you. Running in pairs or groups also provides more visibility to cars and other vehicles.
  • Avoid Jogging at Night – Even though it’s a great way to escape the heat of the day, running at night poses many potential hazards. It’s hard for vehicles to see you and it’s difficult for you to see potholes, uneven sidewalks, broken glass, etc.
  • Stay Safe on the Road – While jogging, be sure to always face oncoming traffic. No matter if you’re walking, jogging or running, be sure to wear brightly colored clothing to improve your visibility. It’s also important to hear traffic, so keep at least one ear free of headphones or earbuds while running.
  • Carry the Essentials – It’s important to carry your ID while out on a run. In case you are injured or become lost, it’s also a smart idea to bring along your phone. Also, keep a whistle or shrill alarm to summon help if needed. 

Stay Safe Around Boats

With more people on the water during the summer, boat collisions and accidents are more likely to occur. Water safety should be a priority because injuries from boat accidents in Kansas can be serious. Before hitting the water, check that your boat equipment is in good working order, and remember to pack the essentials. The Accident Recovery Team encourages everyone to also wear a life jacket. 

Bicycle Through Summer Safely

Summer is the perfect time to dust off the bike and get the family cruising around the neighborhood. Before hitting the streets, practice bicycle safety and be sure everyone’s bicycles are in tip-top shape. While out riding, follow all traffic laws and wear bright and reflective colors so drivers can see you. Be aware of vehicles, as well as pedestrians and road hazards including potholes, grates, etc. Also, check the forecast before leaving and, if possible, pick a route that keeps the sun out of your eyes. 

Keep Out of the Heat

As we near the height of summer, it’s important to be aware of outside temperatures when planning outdoor activities. People who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at risk of heat stress. Heat stress can result in:

  • Heat stroke occurs when the body can no longer control its temperature. When heat stroke occurs, the body temperature can rise to 106°F or higher within ten to fifteen minutes. 
  • Heat exhaustion is the body’s response to an excessive loss of water and salt, usually through excessive sweating. 
  • Heat cramps usually affect workers who sweat a lot during strenuous activity. This sweating depletes the body’s salt and moisture levels, resulting in painful cramps. 
  • Heat rash is a skin irritation caused by excessive sweating during hot, humid weather. They can appear as red clusters of pimples or small blisters.

Sunlight exposure is highest between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.. Being outdoors during these times increases the chances of getting sunburned which can cause damage to connective tissue. This increases a person’s risk for skin cancer. 

Work Around Work Zones

A natural companion to summer fun is the increase in road construction projects. On average, over 700 fatalities occur in work zones each year. Commercial motor vehicle and passenger vehicle drivers both need to be particularly careful while traveling through work zones. On your next road trip, be sure to research your route, pay attention, slow down, move into the open lane, and keep your distance. But accidents happen so if you are in a wreck, it’s important to know what to do next. The Accident Recovery Team can help you get back on the road quickly and with the compensation you deserve.

Enter the Summer of Safety Giveaway 

To encourage a Summer of Safety, we want to give away two $500 Summer Fun Gift Cards! Gift cards will be awarded in June and July, so fill out the form on our website and tell us what you would do for fun this summer with an extra $500. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license to enter.

If your summer doesn’t go as planned and you need an attorney, reach out to the Accident Recovery Team. We can help. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. We only get paid when we settle or win the case.

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