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Social Media Usage After A Serious Automobile Accident

Our Tips For Social Media Usage After A Serious Automobile Accident 

The Accident Recovery Team has years of experience litigating automobile accidents.  Particularly accidents that result in serious injuries and trauma. Today, one of the most common things we see among new clients is issues with social media.

Using social media after a car accident – and posting about the incident, in particular – is rarely a good idea. Let’s explain why now.

Insurance Companies Know About Facebook, Too!

The same is true of all social media networks. The insurance company – who you may not yet have even heard from – will be looking you up on social media after the accident. They want to get more information about you, and learn everything they can about you, the accident in question, your family, your job, and more.

Why? Because they are going to try to do everything they can to minimize your payout. This includes not only the insurance company of the other party, but even your own, in some cases.

That means they’re going to look at the pictures you’ve posted of yourself after the accident, any posts you’ve made about it – everything they can find. What they’re looking for are contradictions about your case, things they can turn to in order to make your accident look less severe.

For example, if you’ve gotten in a serious accident and are suing because you’ve lost feeling in one of your legs, and someone posts a video of you at a family event walking around and talking with others, the insurer could argue that your injury is not that serious.

Even the most innocent post could be used against you – if you post that your injuries are healing, for example, and a picture of a before/after of your face after the accident, the insurance company could try to use this information to argue down the severity of the accident.

Our Top Tip – Don’t Use Social Media Or Minimize Personal Posting During Your Case

If you can, we recommend avoiding the use of social media completely, immediately following your accident. Any information you post could end up as ammunition for insurance companies and lawyers.

We know that’s not always realistic in our socially-connected world, though. So your other option is to avoid posting about the accident, and personal posts. Don’t upload pictures of yourself, address the accident, or take any other such action that could expose you to the insurance companies.

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social media usage after an accident

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