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After a car, truck or workplace accident, it is hard to know what to do. How to respond. What to prioritize. Many people wonder, “Should I contact a lawyer after an accident?”

Personal injury attorneys represent injured clients in legal disputes with negligent companies and individuals. The attorneys at Accident Recovery team represent the clients’ best interest. If you’re injured in an accident and need legal representation, contact the Accident Recovery Team immediately. 

Contact a Lawyer Immediately After an Accident 

The Accident Recovery Team handles cases from beginning to end. And with experience in hundreds of accidents, the Team is certain. Clients settle more successfully when they secure legal representation early in the process. 

Waiting to contact an attorney leads to missing documentation.  Sean Brennan and the Accident Recovery Team understand the required paperwork. Insurance claims have strict guidelines and submission cut-off dates. So, you can be sure that deadlines are met when working with Sean and the Accident Recovery Team. 

The Team also knows insurance company tactics to reduce your claim. Accident Recovery Team lawyers counter stalling with timely follow-ups.  Contact a lawyer immediately if considering legal action after an accident. Do not wait.

Why Hire A Lawyer Right Away?

  • Keep the details clear and accurate – Whether your case goes to court or settles, it is critical to have the facts of the accident clearly defined.  You do not want to make misstatements that the defense uses against you.
  • Prevent mistakes – Even a small legal misstep could jeopardize your entire case. Hire a lawyer immediately to represent your interests.
  • Streamline your claim – The Accident Recovery Team communicates with insurance companies, employers, doctors, witnesses, and others on your behalf. So throughout your case, the right communication goes to the right people. 
  • Fair Resolution – In Accident Recovery Team experience, cases result in higher claim values when handled professionally. Early contact with a lawyer increases opportunities for successful resolutions.  

Contact Accident Recovery Team To Get Started

Contact the Accident Recovery Team at 267-TEAM.  Speak to an experienced attorney. The consultation is free. Reach out today.

When Do I need to Contact a Lawyer

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