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After an accident or injury, paperwork and documents start piling up. Much of it duplication and standard legal notices that double and triple the length. You may want to toss it in the circular file and wonder, ‘Should I keep this?” The answer is always yes. Preserve all evidence after an accident. 

Keep all the documents

The success of your case depends on evidence. Pursuing a claim after an automobile accident or injury requires documentation.  Even if it seems minor and unimportant, keep every piece of paper, picture, note, video, etc. that relates to the situation.

Here are a few examples of evidence to keep, preserve, and give to your attorney; 

  • Pictures of the accident scene and injuries
  • Medical records and statements
  • Lists of medical providers
  • Paycheck and wage loss documentation.  

Information helps recreate how the accident occurred, what resulted, and the lasting outcomes expected. Asserting your claim after an accident or injury requires documentation. Anything you can preserve after an accident is going to help your lawyer advance your claim. 

Documents, evidence & research

So if you’re looking at a pile of papers and wondering what to keep and what to throw away, default to keep on anything related to your injury and claim. If you end up throwing it away later, no harm done. Much better than throwing something away early and needing it later. Sometimes the evidence can be tracked down with a records request, but not always. And even when it is possible, it is time consuming. 

Accident Recovery Team attorneys dive deep into the research of available evidence for each client. If you have information you’d like us to review with you, please reach out for a free consultation. We are happy to look at your evidence and tell you what your rights are in this circumstance. 

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