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Spring is here! It’s the perfect time for getting out of the house, starting a new project, and spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately, as the temperature rises, so do the number of personal injury accidents and trips to the emergency room. Make a commitment to yourself and your family to make safety a priority this season. Bicycle rides, water adventures and running excursions should be fun and a time to make memories. Follow these safety tips and tricks by the Accident Recovery Team to avoid personal injury accidents, costly consequences, and a less-than-awesome spring. 

Avoid Personal Injury on Two Wheels

Spring is the perfect time to dust off the bike and get the family cruising around the neighborhood. Before hitting the streets, be sure everyone’s bicycles are in tip-top shape. While out riding, follow all traffic laws and wear bright and reflective colors so drivers can see you. If in a bicycle accident, it’s important to reach out to a personal injury attorney. Time is critical to make sure you receive the compensation you or your loved one is entitled to collect. 

Swimmer and Water Safety

When swimming in a pool or lake, you can avoid personal injury by staying in designated areas supervised by lifeguards. Always swim with a buddy and don’t allow anyone to swim alone. When children are swimming, it’s important to provide close and constant attention, even when a lifeguard is present. This is still relevant regardless of how well the child can swim or how shallow the water is. When people are swimming, it’s important to avoid distractions including cell phones.

Also, be sure to bring along the proper water safety equipment. Young children and inexperienced swimmers should wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets whenever around water. Don’t rely on water wings, swim rings, inflatable toys or other items designed for water recreation to replace adult supervision. It’s also important to have appropriate equipment, such as reaching/throwing equipment, a cell phone and a first aid kit.

Stay Safe While Running

With nicer weather, many joggers and runners are taking their workouts outdoors. During a run, it’s easy to focus on the exercise instead of paying attention to what’s happening around you. When you’re preoccupied, the likelihood of receiving a personal injury is increased. Follow these runner safety tips from the Accident Recovery Team to stay on your feet:

  • Don’t Run Alone: Recruit a friend or two to go with you. Running in pairs or groups provides more visibility to cars and other vehicles. This can reduce the risk of an accident with a vehicle.
  • Avoid Jogging at Night: Not only is it hard for vehicles to see you, it’s also more difficult for you to see potential hazards. This includes potholes, uneven sidewalks, broken glass and more. If you do run after dark, do so in well-lit areas and in places that you are familiar with. Also, consider buying reflective running gear or a runner’s light so that you’re highly visible to traffic. 
  • Practice Runner Safety on the Road: While jogging, be sure to always face oncoming traffic. This way you have plenty of notice when cars are heading your direction and you can avoid personal injury. Wear brightly colored clothing to improve your visibility. It’s also important to hear traffic, so keep at least one ear free of headphones or earbuds while running.
  • Carry the Essentials: It’s important to carry your ID while out on a run. If you are involved in an accident with a vehicle, this may be needed by the police. In case you are injured or become lost, it’s also a smart idea to bring along your phone. Also, keep a whistle or shrill alarm to summon help if needed. These essentials can be stored in a small pack or a secure pocket.

Accident Recovery Team Will Spring Into Action 

If your spring season doesn’t go as planned and you need an attorney, reach out to the Accident Recovery Team. We can help. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. We only get paid when we settle or win the case. Recover from your injuries and have peace of mind with the Accident Recovery Team on your side. 

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