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Kansas is legally defined a ‘no fault state’. What does that mean? The term is somewhat confusing. It’s a subject about which many clients inquire.  

The term ‘no fault’  doesn’t mean no one is at fault in a wreck. It refers to the determination of who pays your medical bills immediately following an accident. 

History of no fault

Today, 16 states require no fault insurance on all auto policies. Kansas is among them.  After an accident back in the 70’s, the party determined at fault had to pay the medical bills. Well, you can see why that might not work. Obstinate insurance companies are pointing fingers and pushing paper back and forth while medical care dwindles. So the law changed and  established PIP coverage, personal injury protection. Now after an automobile accident, your insurance company pays your medical bills first. 

PIP coverage is not for vehicle damage. After the determination of the accident’s facts,  your medical insurance  or the other driver’s auto coverage may reimburse your carrier for PIP coverage payments. But those details are worked through over time while establishing fault.

Immediately following a car wreck in Kansas, your auto insurance PIP coverage pays your medical bills. Who is at fault does not matter in this regard. Your insurance company is first in line to cover your medical bills after a car wreck. 

Benefit details and explanations

For questions regarding medical bills after an accident, call Accident Recovery Team. Lawyers on staff specialize in car wreck injuries and product liability. Accessing medical experts and accident scene investigators, we support client claims with a knowledgeable and experienced team. We’ll be happy to sit down with you and review your insurance policy, medical bills, and other documents to see what coverage you’re eligible to receive. The consultation is free and you never pay a fee until we win. 

PIP Coverage for Medical Bills

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