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As mentioned in our last blog post, injuries occurring while at a place of work are pretty common. According to the Kansas Workers Compensation Act, employers are responsible for providing necessary medical treatment toward any work-related injuries. This treatment should cure or relieve the effects of the injury. However, it is up to the injured worker to request for medical treatment from their employer. If you want to pursue a workers compensation claim there are many time limitations that must be met. Securing a strong workers compensation attorney helps you receive the proper medical attention you need to recover.   

How to Receive Medical Treatment

The Workers Compensation Act defines injury as a physical change or lesion in the body. Injuries may be physical injuries that result from a specific event in time, like a broken leg from a fall. They may also be conditions that have progressed or worsened over time through repetitive activity, like carpal tunnel from typing. As soon as an accident happens or conditions have become worse, it’s time to request for medical treatment.

Initially a request for medical treatment may be verbally made to your direct supervisor. Then you must also make a written demand for treatment and provide copies to your supervisor and human resources. If your workplace does not have a human resources department, give a copy to a higher department within the company. If at any point there is no cooperation, you will need to take legal action.

Who Pays for Medical Treatment?

The employer or its insurance carrier are responsible for providing all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. This is required whether the employer has voluntarily agreed to initiate medical treatment or they’ve been forced to do so through legal representation. Because the employer is responsible for paying for medical treatment, they also have the right to appoint the treating doctor. The right to appoint the treating doctor does not give the employer the right to control the treating doctor. This practice is frequently abused by the workers compensation insurance carriers. It’s important to have experienced legal representation to protect and fight against such abuse. 

If possible, avoid medical treatment from an unauthorized doctor without first seeking legal consultation. The employer may not have to pay for medical costs incurred from outside the authorized treating doctor. That means you may be responsible for the bill. 

Accident Recovery Team is Here to Help

Reach out to the Accident Recovery Team after you or a family member has experienced an accident at work. Our experienced workers compensation attorneys are familiar with the Workers Compensation Act and know how to proceed with your case. To schedule a free consultation, contact the Accident Recovery Team today. We only get paid when we settle or win the case. Recover from your injuries and have peace of mind with the Accident Recovery Team on your side.

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