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Accident Recovery Team clients often ask, “Who pays my medical bills after a car wreck?” This seems like a simple question, but the answer gets complicated. 

No matter whose caused the accident, your own auto insurance is the first in line to pay your medical bills. This coverage is called Personal Injury Protection, or PIP. Every auto liability plan includes PIP. 

Personal Injury Protection Coverage 

When visiting the doctor after an accident, give your auto insurance PIP coverage information to the clerk. And conversely, tell your auto insurance carrier the names of doctors you see and treatment you receive. Getting this information straightened out immediately after an accident is to your advantage. 

If these bills go to your health insurance, medicare or medicaid first, they will likely get denied. Then, creditors are calling you regarding late payments and you spend time fixing the information with various billing departments.

PIP coverage also provides a lost wage benefit. The exact limits of your policy determine the specifics in these situations. But, if you have auto insurance, it includes PIP coverage. You are required to fill out an application with your insurance company to file for PIP benefits. Keep good notes and copies of all paperwork for use in this process.

We Can Help

When the specifics of the accident are determined and fault is established, Kansas law dictates the order of payees and reimbursements from there. This process takes a little time but is generally resolved by insurance companies and attorneys. If you have questions about a medical bills after a car wreck, call the Accident Recovery Team. 

As former insurance company attorneys, we understand the benefits you are entitled to and work diligently on behalf of injured clients. Email the Accident Recovery Team for knowledgeable and determined legal representation. The consultation is free and you never pay a fee until we win.

Who pays my medical bills?

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