Accident Recovery Team

When considering legal action, many people ask, “Will my case go to trial?” That’s understandable.  Appearing in court is intimidating.

With strong legal representation, your case will more likely settle out of court.  With Accident Recovery Team on your side,  you also gain the confidence that comes with an expert legal team working on your case. Clients focus on recovery and returning to normal life. Accident Recovery Team attorneys provide trusted guidance and direction.

Reputation & Experience

Insurance companies and employers respect Accident Recovery Team’s experience. Our reputation in the legal community is strong and fair. We negotiate in good faith.  Familiar with the details of each case, we dedicate time to every client. We represent each case with tenacity and vigor. 

When Accident Recovery Team clients file a case with the court, attorneys on the other side know they have a formidable adversary. They come to the negotiating table because they know we will go to court. Most of the time we don’t have to, but we are prepared to go to trial when required. Lawyers in the region know our work and the experience of our team. Our courtroom experience facilitates negotiation and many Accident Recovery Team clients settle out of court.

Make the Right Call

Fault determines outcomes in personal injury cases. You need lawyers with access to experts. At Accident Recovery Team, your case matters. As former insurance company attorneys, we understand the benefits you are entitled to and work diligently on behalf of injured clients.    

If you’re considering legal action and wondering if your case will go to trial,  contact Accident Recovery Team. The consultation is free.  You never pay a fee until we win. Discuss the details of your case with Wichita’s winning team of car wreck experts. 


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