Accident Recovery Team

The attorneys of Accident Recovery Team go to court for their clients all over the state, but we also spend many hours in Topeka, educating lawmakers on workers’ compensation benefits and rights. In Kansas, these laws are statutorily driven and regulated. In 2011 the state saw legislative changes that had the potential to harm workers. Often, it is hard to realize the impact these laws have on injured workers until you become one yourself, so we tirelessly tell their stories and advocate on behalf of employees who may someday need workers’ compensation benefits. ART attorneys, along with other experts from the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, familiarize lawmakers with the process and ask them to revisit key workers’ compensation issues. You can help! Let your representative know why workers’ compensation rights are important to you, your family and your neighbors. We are a voice for the people we represent, and we want you to stand up and be heard, as well.

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