Accident Recovery Team

As summer heats up, make plans to celebrate safely. Drinking and driving is dangerous. Avoid accidents and costly consequences by simply taking a stand. Make a commitment to yourself and your family, do not drive after drinking. Keep our streets safe for everyone in the community.

Proactive Party Preparation

Now more than ever, you have a lot of options for getting home safely after a night out. Uber and other ride sharing services make it easy to catch a ride. Taxis still exist. Take turns with a friend or partner and share the responsibility of being the designated driver. Walk home, crash on the couch, call your mom, do whatever you have to do to avoid drinking and driving. The Accident Recovery Team sees the devastating impacts of drunk driving accidents in grave detail. Too many times, otherwise well intentioned people, cause irreparable harm to themselves and others after too much to drink. Every day in the United States, drunk driving accidents kill 28 people. These accidents are particularly devastating because, generally, they could have been avoided. Set boundaries for yourself before you start drinking. Looking around at the end of the night that lasted later than you planned, you’re not likely to find a lot of good options for getting home. If you take a couple proactive steps during your party preparation, you’ll have a better time without the worry.

Plan to Protect Yourself

Alcohol has a tendency to affect decision making in a negative way. We’ve all seen people in no shape to drive who insist that they are ‘fine’. We’ve justified drunk driving by thinking it’s not that far and I’ve made it home before. We prioritize convenience over safety. We believe nothing bad will happen to us and we are immune to consequences. This line of thinking rarely ends well. Enjoy a night out with family and friends and feel good about the choices you make. Plan ahead to have fun and get home safely. Protect yourself and everyone on the road when you take a stand against drunk driving. Stay safe on the road this summer. Reach out to the Accident Recovery Team if a drunk driver injures you or your family.
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