Accident Recovery Team

When considering whether or not to pursue legal action, many people wonder about their case value. And, understandably so. When we meet with clients initially at the Accident Recovery Team, the question usually comes up. What is my case worth? People want to know if going through the time and stress of pursuing a claim is going to be worth the work and worry. 

Time will Tell

Any attorney who guesses at your case value the first time they meet you is not being truthful. This is especially accurate while you’re still in the midst of medical care. Immediately after an accident, there is a lot to sort out. No one really knows the answers to questions regarding the specifics of your case. The details just aren’t available yet.  Investigations determine the extent of damages.  

As your attorneys, the Accident Recovery Team takes time to look at all the information. Often, expert opinions on injuries and future complications are required. We examine medical records, bills and statements, wage loss, fault determinations, and hundreds of other details. With a thorough review of your case, we give you an informed evaluation and share opinions on likely outcomes. 

Make the Right Call for Maximum Case Value

If you’re wondering what your case might be worth, please reach out to the Accident Recovery Team. As former insurance company attorneys, we understand the benefits you are entitled to after an accident. 

Every day, our team of legal experts work diligently on behalf of injured clients. For thorough and thoughtful legal representation after an accident, email the Accident Recovery Team. The consultation is free and you never pay a fee until we win.


Case Value

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