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Car accidents can happen anywhere and in any kind of weather. But accidents that happen when there is precipitation can be especially traumatic and even deadly. According to the Bulletin of the American Meteorology Society, precipitation increases the likelihood of a fatal car crash by 34%. With many rain-filled days on the horizon, it’s important to stay safe on the road in the rain.

Stay Dry and Avoid Car Accidents

The Weather Channel claims that weather-related vehicle accidents kill more people annually than large-scale weather disasters. Wet pavement and rain were the top two contributors to weather-related automobile crashes. It’s also important to be aware when driving in rapidly changing weather conditions. These situations are particularly hazardous to drivers because blinding rain can reduce visibility drastically in a matter of seconds. For years, the Kansas Department of Transportation compiled data from all car accidents that occurred on a road or highway. It’s worth noting that over half the reported accidents happened when it was raining, misting, or drizzling outside. 

The number one best way to avoid car accidents is to focus on your driving. Don’t drive distracted! The next best way to stay safe on the road is to pay attention to the weather and plan accordingly. Your strongest form of defense is to avoid driving completely when it’s raining. If you must drive in poor weather, here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Slow down
  • Check your tire tread
  • Never use cruise control
  • Turn on your defroster
  • Give extra room to other vehicles
  • Turn your lights on
  • Avoid hard braking and sudden movements
  • Stay away from areas prone to flooding
  • Never drive off-road during rain
  • Drive-in another vehicle’s tracks
  • Avoid large trucks and buses
  • Drive in the middle lanes
  • Pull over if it’s really bad

Get Out of the Rain with Accident Recovery Team

When car accidents happen, the attorneys at Accident Recovery Team fight for injured clients. Work with The Accident Recovery Team to build a compelling case that helps you receive fair compensation for damages. Our team understands that you are dealing with a tough, tragic and life-changing challenge. We’ll walk with you through the legal system and fight for compensation for your injuries. 

The Accident Recovery Team works on a contingency fee basis, so our attorneys only get paid when we settle or win the case. No legal fees, no hidden fees, no fine print. We never ask you to write a check. Every one of our clients gets the same level of dedication, no matter how big or small their case is. Contact Accident Recovery Team today and begin to recover from the harm caused by a car accident.

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