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Albany McNay:
A Paralegal Excelling in Legal Professionalism

Albany McNay

Albany McNay has recently been honored as the Legal Professional of the Year by the local chapter of Kansas Legal Professional Incorporated (KLPI). She is a dedicated paralegal for Mathias Crook at Accident Recovery Team with an impressive track record. This prestigious recognition celebrates Albany’s exceptional contributions to the legal profession and also highlights her commitment to excellence and professionalism.

Journey to Becoming a Paralegal

The journey to winning such an esteemed award is no small feat. Albany’s career spans over eight years in the legal field. Over the years, she has consistently demonstrated her expertise and dedication. She worked hard to achieve a solid educational background, including an MBA from Friends University with an emphasis in Business Law. Albany possesses a unique blend of legal knowledge and business acumen that sets her apart.

What truly distinguishes Albany is her relentless pursuit of excellence and professional development. As a Certified Paralegal through the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), she has not only met but exceeded the industry standards. She then went on to receive her Advanced Certified Paralegal designation in Contract Management. This reflects her specialized expertise and commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in her field.

What is KLPI?

Kansas Legal Professionals, Inc. (“KLPI”) was created in May of 1996 and provides membership in a professional association for all persons in the legal field throughout the state of Kansas. KLPI is comprised of members of local chapters, members-at-large, retired members, and honorary members. Membership in a local chapter offers many advantages. Monthly meetings include programs of particular interest and educational value. Members can also seek advice and counsel of others in specified areas of legal procedure as well as develop friendships with those sharing similar interests and goals in the legal field. The organization can also provide assistance to its local community in many different ways.

A Stand-Out Nomination

The nomination process for the Legal Professional of the Year award is rigorous and anonymous. This underscores the significance of Albany’s achievement. Nominations are submitted by members of the organization, and candidates must meet stringent criteria. This includes a minimum of three years of legal experience and membership in good standing. To further substantiate their qualifications, nominees are required to submit a resume and a letter of recommendation from their employer.

Albany’s nomination caught the attention of a distinguished panel of judges. This year’s judges included Scott Hill, president of the Wichita Bar Association; Jeremy Koehler, President of the Young Lawyers Section of the WBA; and January Bailey, Former President of the Wichita Women Attorneys Association. This esteemed panel meticulously reviewed all submissions, considering each nominee’s accomplishments, contributions to the legal community, and overall professionalism. It was no surprise that they named Albany as the local chapter’s Legal Professional of the Year.

An Inspiration to All

As Albany eagerly awaits the outcome of the statewide Legal Professional of the Year award, her dedication to her craft and her community shines through. Beyond her impressive credentials, Albany’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous learning embodies the core values of the legal profession. Her dedication to her clients and advancing the field of law sets a shining example for aspiring legal professionals everywhere.

The announcement of the statewide award winner will take place at the upcoming Kansas Legal Professional Incorporated’s annual meeting. This is scheduled for April 27th. The Accident Recovery Team believes Albany McNay stands as a shining beacon of professionalism and achievement in the legal community. Regardless of the outcome, her legacy as a trailblazer and role model is firmly established. She will continue to inspire others to reach for the highest standards of excellence in their legal careers.

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