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Dental Malpractice is Scary
Mistakes happen in medicine all the time. A signed consent form does not excuse a dentist from committing...
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School Bus Safety Means Slowing Down
Our previous blog post focused on ways to drive smart during the back-to-school season. For this post,...
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Drive Smart this Back-to-School Season
The school year is in full swing, so it’s important to drive smart as more congestion appears on the...
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Summer Hazards to Outdoor Workers
While many have fun in the sun during the summer months, others can’t escape the heat because of their...
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Keep Heat Stroke at Bay this Summer
This summer has been filled with hotter than normal days, many times reaching over 100°F. Despite the...
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Camping Safety Keeps the Summer Fun
Summer’s not complete without some time spent outdoors. So why not spend that time surrounded by plants...
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Water Safety Keeps the Summer Fun
With nicer weather, many people are hitting the water. Whether in a boat or swimming in a lake, stay...
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Runner Safety Keeps You Alive
With nicer weather, many joggers and runners are taking their workouts outdoors. During a run, it’s easy...
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