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When In An Accident, Know What to Do
The moments and hours following an accident are often difficult to process. It can be hard to figure...
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semi on ice
A Semi-Truck on Ice
While winter can seem like a magical time, it brings the toughest obstacles that semi-truck drivers face...
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Driving Long Distance in Winter
One of the best things about the holidays is seeing family and friends. However, that often means driving...
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Happy Holidays from Accident Recovery
With the season upon us, The Accident Recovery Team wants to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays! Our...
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Winter Driving Safety Tips
Winter driving is inevitable with work, holiday get-togethers and school. Winter storms, bad weather,...
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Thankful for Our Community
The Accident Recovery Team is incredibly thankful for the support and commitment from the local community....
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The Facts About Car Accidents
Car accidents can happen anywhere, even in your own neighborhood. But accidents that happen on the highway...
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What Dental Malpractice Looks Like
As we mentioned in our last blog post, mistakes happen in dental medicine all the time. The Accident...
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