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When choosing an attorney after getting injured, you should strongly consider a local lawyer. While a national or international firm may seem impressive, its attorneys may not have the knowledge of a local attorney. There are also many benefits to choosing experienced and locally based legal counsel.

Knowledge of Local and Regional Laws

There are a variety of local laws that could impact a victim’s claim, particularly surrounding liability and insurance coverage. As former insurance company attorneys, the Accident Recovery Team has an in-depth understanding of Kansas’s complex liability laws. Working with an out-of-area attorney could delay the resolution of your case. Local attorneys already know the local laws and are also familiar with the time limits for filing legal paperwork. 

Familiar with Opposing Attorneys

Attorneys who’ve worked in one area for a long time tend to run into familiar faces when working on cases. Local attorneys are also likely to run into the same people who are typically on the opposing side. The Accident Recovery Team has become familiar with many of the attorneys who defend insurance companies. This allows the team to learn of the strategies the opposing attorneys like to use to argue cases. It also establishes a knowledge of which negotiation tactics work and which ones do not.

Local Attorneys Understand the Courts

When a case makes it to trial, it’s useful to have a local attorney on your side. They are familiar with court rules and proceedings in the area and may be able to help navigate them. Familiarity with judges is also important. Local attorneys, like the Accident Recovery Team, are aware of the types of cases the judge may be keen on taking on. They’re also aware of which cases the judge may send for alternative dispute resolution out of court. When deciding whether to fight the case in court or agree to settlement negotiations, this is important knowledge to have.

Part of the Community

Local attorneys live, work, and drive in the same neighborhoods as the communities they represent. The Accident Recovery Team prides itself on being accessible to clients and helping them receive the best outcome possible. Our team has the experience and can recommend reputable local physicians and auto repair shops to injured clients. Local attorneys also have an innate ownership and protectiveness toward the community that they serve. The Accident Recovery Team has a keen awareness of the region’s ongoing issues and local matters that could be invaluable to your case.

Accident Recovery Team is Here for You

Accidents don’t happen on your schedule, which is why the Accident Recovery Team is here when you need us. Give us a call, contact us online via the website form, or try out our chat service. Have you been in a serious car accident? Do you need help with a worker’s compensation claim? Have you suffered from any other personal injury? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Accident Recovery Team is here to provide the help you need.

Consultations are always free. Accident Recovery Team fees are contingency-based, so you never pay a dime until we win your case. There are also no hidden charges or loopholes. So don’t wait! Contact us now and see why we’re the best team of local attorneys in Wichita.

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