Accident Recovery Team

Complex Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Surgical mistakes, labor and birth injuries, errors in anesthesia and other harm caused by medical professionals costs lives. The Accident Recovery Team understands that medical malpractice creates life-altering circumstances and, unfortunately, even death. We reach for resolutions and stand ready to go […]

Work Comp Medical Care

You might prefer medical care from your family doctor after a work comp injury. However, that generally complicates a worker’s compensation claim. If you were hurt on the job and file reimbursements with an insurance company, they require treatment with authorized medical providers. Authorized medical providers The insurance company refers patients to authorized medical providers […]

Personal Injury Attorney Fees

When considering a personal injury or workers compensation claim, it is common to compare the various fee structures charged by attorneys. At Accident Recovery Team, you never pay a fee until you receive compensation from the insurance company or employer. After your injury claim settles, Accident Recovery Team charges a percentage of the amount recovered. […]

No Fault State?

Kansas is legally defined a ‘no fault state’. What does that mean? The term is somewhat confusing. It’s a subject about which many clients inquire.   The term ‘no fault’  doesn’t mean no one is at fault in a wreck. It refers to the determination of who pays your medical bills immediately following an accident.  History […]

Preserving Evidence After an Accident

After an accident or injury, paperwork and documents start piling up. Much of it duplication and standard legal notices that double and triple the length. You may want to toss it in the circular file and wonder, ‘Should I keep this?” The answer is always yes. Preserve all evidence after an accident.  Keep all the […]

What is My Case Value?

When considering whether or not to pursue legal action, many people wonder about their case value. And, understandably so. When we meet with clients initially at the Accident Recovery Team, the question usually comes up. What is my case worth? People want to know if going through the time and stress of pursuing a claim […]

Will My Case Go to Trial?

When considering legal action, many people ask, “Will my case go to trial?” That’s understandable.  Appearing in court is intimidating. With strong legal representation, your case will more likely settle out of court.  With Accident Recovery Team on your side,  you also gain the confidence that comes with an expert legal team working on your […]

Right After an Accident

The Accident Recovery Team frequently hears these words, “I’ve just been in a wreck. What should I do right after an accident?” The moments and hours following a crash are difficult to process. It can be hard to figure out the right steps to take after an accident.  First Things First First, always call the […]

Medical Bills After a Car Wreck

Accident Recovery Team clients often ask, “Who pays my medical bills after a car wreck?” This seems like a simple question, but the answer gets complicated.  No matter whose caused the accident, your own auto insurance is the first in line to pay your medical bills. This coverage is called Personal Injury Protection, or PIP. […]

Driving Digitally Distracted

One text takes a driver’s eyes off the road for 5 to 10 seconds. At average speeds, you will travel almost 100 yards, or the length of a football field, in just those few seconds. During that time, your hands, your brain, and your eyes are all distracted from the road and the vehicle you’re […]

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