Accident Recovery Team

Product Liability Claim: Riding Lawnmower

Our client suffered burns over a large portion of his body when a riding lawnmower on which he was riding caught fire due to a design and manufacturing failure associated with the venting system on the mower’s gas tank.  This case was resolved pursuant to a confidential resolution.

Product Liability Case: Power Take-off Guard

Our client suffered severe injuries to his arm when a guard designed to protect against contact with a power take off failed, causing our client’s arm to became tangled in the power take off. The guard failed due to a design defect.  

Personal Injury Case: Accident on a Road Obscured by Smoke

Our client was the passenger in a car when the vehicle struck another car on a highway, causing her significant injuries. The accident occurred due to obscured highway visibility from controlled-burn smoke in a nearby field. This case was resolved pursuant to a confidential resolution.

Personal Injury Case: Failure to Maintain Property

An individual lived on the second floor of an apartment complex during winter, and the staircases were covered in ice. The maintenance crew had been out earlier in the day shoveling and treating the sidewalks with salt, but completely ignored the staircases. As our client started down the stairs, he slipped on the ice and […]