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Todd King is a Wichita native who takes pride in ensuring employees receive the compensation they deserve. Since 1996, Todd has been an expert in the complex areas of workers’ compensation and industrial accidents. Before forming the Accident Recovery Team, Todd worked at a large insurance defense firm, representing employers and their insurance companies in workers’ compensation litigation. This gives him unique insight into the other side of the courtroom, optimizing his clients’ outcomes.

Todd understands that workers’ compensation statutes in Kansas are filled with complicated provisions, exclusions, and exceptions that can change constantly. Therefore, he is continuously researching, participating in litigation, and reviewing legislative activity. Todd has argued before the Kansas House Committee on Commerce to improve the rights of Kansas workers, which are among the lowest in the nation and frequently gives seminars on the topic.

Todd received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Kansas. He is a member of the Kansas Association for Justice, the Kansas Bar Association, and the Wichita Board Association. He is licensed to practice in the Kansas District Courts, Kansas Court of Appeals, Federal District Court for the State of Kansas, and the 10th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. Todd and his wife, Trish, live in Wichita and have two sons.

Attorney Todd King - Accident Recovery Team

ART Areas of Practice


The Accident Recovery Team has extensive experience as personal injury attorneys throughout Wichita and Western Kansas. With decades of experience practicing law and trying cases, our team of personal injury attorneys works tirelessly on your behalf for a fair settlement. We operate under a “no small case’” mantra. Every one of our clients gets the same level of dedication, no matter how big or small their case is.


Work injuries are, unfortunately, fairly common. Workers suffer at the hands of companies that cut corners and ignore safety protocols. Many circumstances can cause permanent damage to injured employees. After an injury, most companies will continue protecting their own interests. It is up to the injured worker to secure a strong workers’ compensation attorney to fight for their recovery.  


The Accident Recovery Team has proudly worked with car wreck victims in Kansas for over 20 years with dedication and vigor. Car wrecks are a leading cause of personal injury in America. In Kansas alone, more than 58,000 accidents occurred last year.  The Accident Recovery Team clients have peace of mind with a highly skilled team of attorneys on their side.


Medical malpractice is an act or omission by a health care provider that deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury to the patient or substantial loss of income. S With decades of experience, the Accident Recovery Team works tirelessly on behalf of Kansans who’ve fallen victim to medical malpractice. You deserve a fair settlement.


A product liability case is one where somebody is injured by a defect in a product that they’ve been using. That product can be an item you might use at home, like a lawnmower or a piece of kitchen equipment. Or it could be something that you use at work, like a large piece of machinery that’s used in a manufacturing process or some tool that you use during the course of your employment.


Semi-truck accidents are often more destructive than the average accident. They can wreak havoc on the lives of their victims. Almost half a million accidents occur each year involving 18-wheelers. The resulting injuries are often very severe. The Accident Recovery Team has represented many clients injured by big trucks. With experience on our side, we’re here to help you recover after an accident.



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