Semi-Truck Wrecks


Every year during the period between spring and summer, we receive an increase in phone calls with regards to semi-truck wrecks. Truck accidents are different than auto accidents so they are handled differently than your standard automotive personal injury case. Semi-truck wrecks are a different animal because the injuries are usually more significant.

The Dangers of a Trucking Accident

Oftentimes, when you have a semi-truck wreck, you're looking at an accident that happens with a much heavier vehicle. Typically it’s often on a highway at high speeds. Also, you're looking at an auto accident involving a vehicle that just has a much greater size, so the impact points are much more significant than they might be in a typical car crash. All of those things mean that when you're dealing with impact forces that are involved, you're dealing with much more significant injuries than you might be in a standard automobile accident.

Investigation Into the Semi-truck Wreck

When you look at investigating for a semi-truck wreck, one of the first things you absolutely have to do is look at the driver.  The attorney or investigator has to look at the record of the trucking company. Drivers have limits as to how long they're supposed to be on the road.  When they're supposed to rest and how far they're supposed to drive in a given day. It used to be that truck drivers kept track of all that information in paper logs. Those paper logs weren't always accurate.

Now most of these drivers keep track of their time and where they've been using digital formats in sync with GPS.  All of that information is now electronic and it's more accurate than it used to be. The digital logs, once a lawsuit is filed, are critically important.  Making sure you know how far that driver has driven, how long they've been on the road, where they rested, where they came from, and where they're going. It's very important to investigate all of that data once the lawsuit has been filed.

Impact of Your Injuries

The final thing that's important with regard to a semi-truck wreck is doing a thorough examination of the injuries. As stated earlier, injuries in these types of crashes are much more significant than injuries in a car accident. That's just because of the weight and the size of the vehicles involved. Oftentimes, the incident has very high impact forces, therefore it will have a significant impact on a person's life. A truck accident can be a substantial claim.