Product Liability

What is a Product Liability Case?

A product liability case is one where somebody is injured by a defect in a product that they've been using. That product can be an item you might use at home, like a lawnmower or a piece of kitchen equipment. Or it could be something that you use at work, like a large piece of machinery that's used in a manufacturing process or some tool that you use during the course of your employment.

Every day, faulty features in common, regularly used products cause disease, injury, and even sudden death. The Accident Recovery Team works to hold the manufacturers responsible and earn compensation for the injured. These are only a few examples of potential product liabilities:

  • Tools and equipment breaking while being used, such as a lawnmower
  • Faulty tires
  • Toys that are unsafe or a choking hazard
  • Malfunctioning devices, including electrocution from defective products
  • Defective appliances
  • Chemical dangers
  • Heavy equipment & industrial machine malfunctions

A product liability case is a significant event in a person’s life. The injury to the person who gets hurt tends to be substantial. There can be both physical and emotional injuries that could impact daily life, possibly for the rest of the injured person’s days. These types of injuries demand restitution. The Accident Recovery Team understands the long term implications of such injuries. This means a product liability case commonly makes a lifetime impact on the life of the person who gets hurt.

Who Is Responsible?

As consumers, we use many different products in our daily lives. Often, we use defective products without even knowing it. Many people believe that companies are only responsible for defective products when they are brand new. This is a common misconception. When a company knowingly or unknowingly markets unsafe products, people and property are the ones that suffer. Injuries occur when a manufacturer does not test the product sufficiently. It can also happen if the manufacturer does not educate the public on the proper use of the product. If actions like these lead to a consumer injury, you have the right to pursue legal action in a product liability case.

A thorough investigation can determine if the manufacturer was negligent at any point in the product's life cycle. These investigations often become time-consuming which can lead to exhaustion and frustration on the injured party’s behalf. To be thorough, it’s necessary to hire many experts to prove the person who manufactured the product knew or should have known of the potential defect in the product. Oftentimes that means hiring mechanical engineers, electrical engineers or design professionals. The Accident Recovery Team has the connections and the capability to find the right people. We hire the right experts to conduct these investigations to prove who is at fault in your case.

Product Liability Investigative Experience

The other aspect of a product liability case is proving the damages of the person who got hurt. Taking the right steps after a product injury is critical in your recovery. That usually entails hiring medical professionals, doctors, and people to estimate the cost of the future medical care someone might need as a result of injury by a defective product.

There are doctors who specialize in treating patients injured after a product malfunction. These clinics may be a good option for you and they have streamlined the billing process with insurance companies.Our Team can give you advice on which clinic may be best for your particular injury. In medical follow-up appointments, it is vital to document everything. Proper and thorough documentation can greatly increase the odds of a favorable outcome in a product liability case. You need strong, experienced legal representation working in your best interest to ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to after a product injury. The Accident Recovery Team is ready to discuss the specifics of your injury.

20 Years of Investigative Experience

Defective products injure many Americans each year. If a faulty product hurts you or a loved one, you need a legal team to handle your product liability case. The Accident Recovery Team’s product liability team takes time to understand details from your accident and present a solid front. First, we gather the important facts and recover documentation and evidence. Then, we build a strong case, working with compassion on your behalf. Finally, we help you recover from damage caused by faulty products and negligent companies.

When you hire an attorney to write your will, defend you in criminal court or represent you in some other way, you generally pay an hourly rate for their time. The fee structure is entirely different at the Accident Recovery Team. We work on a contingency fee basis, so we get paid only when we settle or win the case. No legal fees, no hidden fees, no fine print. We never ask you to write a check - not for attorney or staff time and not for expenses like records requests or administrative fees.

The attorneys at the Accident Recovery Team know product liability law inside and out. We want to handle your product liability claim. Contact the Accident Recovery Team today and get the compensation you deserve. We are on your side in the fight for fair compensation in product liability claims. Reach out to any of the attorneys at the Accident Recovery Team through our website, over the phone or through any of our social media channels. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide a transparent examination of your case.