Product Liability

Defective products injure many Americans each year. If a faulty product hurt you or a loved one, you need a legal team to handle your product liability case. The Accident Recovery Team helps injured clients rebuild their lives. Call now and speak with an attorney right away.

As consumers, we use many different products in our daily lives. Often, we use defective products without even knowing it. Injuries occur when a manufacturer does not test the product sufficiently or does not educate the public on the proper use of the product. If actions like these cause an injury, you have the right to pursue legal action in a product liability case.

When a company markets unsafe products, people and property suffer. People are even killed by the recklessness of companies and their employees.  Taking the right steps after an injury is critical in your recovery. Reach out immediately and work with the product liability attorneys at Accident Recovery Team.



Product Liability Examples

These are only a few examples of potential product liabilities. Every day, products cause disease, injury, and sudden death. Accident Recovery Team works to hold the manufacturers responsible and earn compensation for the injured.

  • Tools and equipment breaking in use
  • Faulty tires
  • Toys that are unsafe or a choking hazard
  • Malfunctioning devices
  • Defective appliances
  • Chemical dangers
  • Heavy equipment & industrial machine malfunctions
  • Product Liability Investigative Experience

Many people believe that companies are only responsible for defective products when they are brand new. This is a common misconception. But, a thorough investigation can determine if the manufacturer is negligent at any point in the product's life cycle. Accident Recovery Team knows the right experts to conduct these investigations.

The product liability legal team takes time to understand the details of your accident. First, gathering the important facts. Then, building a strong case. Working with compassion on your behalf. Helping you recover from damage caused by faulty products and negligent companies.

Call Accident Recovery Team today and get the compensation you deserve. The consultation is free.  Get Accident Recovery Team on your side in the fight for fair compensation in product liability claims. Until we win, there is no fee.