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Product Liability Cases

Product Liability Attorneys

Each year, numerous Americans are injured by defective products in product liability cases. People can even be killed by the recklessness of companies that market unsafe products to the public. It’s a scenario difficult to escape, as many Americans will use tens of different products on a daily basis. But when one of them harms you, or a loved one, what is the next step?

If you or someone you know is injured because of a faulty product, you’ll need to bring in a legal team to handle your case and get proper compensation and justice. And the Accident Recovery Team is ready.


Product Liability

Here are some examples of a liable product:

  • Tools and equipment breaking in use;
  • Faulty tires;
  • Toys that are unsafe or a choking hazard;
  • Malfunctioning devices.

A lot of people use defective products every day without even knowing it. This happens when a manufacturer either does not test the product sufficiently before its release or does not educate the public on the proper use of the product. If they commit these careless actions and you get hurt because of it, you have the right to pursue legal action and hold them responsible under a product liability case.

The product doesn’t even have to be straight out of the box when it malfunctions for you to have a case. Most people believe they can seek compensation only when the product malfunctions while it is still new. However, a proper investigation can determine if it is the manufacturer's fault or not.

We can help. If you bring a case of product liability to our table, our team of attorneys will handle it from A to Z and make sure the manufacturer is held accountable, and you are properly compensated.

Give us a call today, and we’ll give you a free consultation and get things started.

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