Electrical Injury Attorney

Have you had an electrical injury?  If you were electrocuted as a result of a defective product or another person's negligence, you should first SEEK TREATMENT FOR YOUR INJURIES. Next, you should contact an attorney here at Accident Recovery Team for a free initial consultation.  Burns can occur from many different sources - heat, cold, electrical, chemical, friction and radiation.

First-degree burns are usually limited to redness (erythema), a white plaque and minor pain at the site of injury. These burns usually extend only into the epidermis.

Second-degree burns additionally fill with clear fluid, have superficial blistering of the skin, and can involve more or less pain depending on the level of nerve involvement. Second-degree burns involve the superficial (papillary) dermis and may also involve the deep (reticular) dermis layer.

Third-degree burns additionally have charring of the skin, and produce hard, leather-like eschars. An eschar is a scab that has separated from the unaffected part of the body. Frequently, there is also purple fluid. These types of burns are often painless because nerve endings have been destroyed in the involved areas.

electrical injury attorney