Car wrecks are one of the leading causes of personal injury in America. In Kansas alone people were involved in more than 58,000 car crashes last year.  Often these resulted in serious, life-changing injuries, and even death.

Car Wreck Attorneys

What Causes Car Crashes?

A car wreck can be caused by many things.  Were you hit by someone losing control of their vehicle, being hit by a distracted driver, or even being struck by a drunk driver?  Sleep deprivation is also a common cause of accidents.  Particularly those that involve larger commercial vehicles because drivers are on the roads for long stretches of time.

There are also other factors which can make the roads more dangerous, and can contribute to accidents. Because of this many things can lead to a car wreck.  Weather conditions like poorly-maintained roads snowy or icy conditions, heavy rain, and fog.  Mechanical issues like faulty headlights or heavily worn tires.  Unpredictable things like the presence of wild animals.  All of these factors can impact liability.  These factors also contribute to the risk of a car wreck.

Even when there are no conditions contributing to a higher risk of a car wreck, it’s difficult to determine fault.  Insurance companies use to their advantage to minimize their payouts.

Get Help With Your Car Wreck

Have you been involved in a serious, life-changing crash with a vehicle like a school bus because of an accident?  Riding your motorcycle where you hit by a car or truck?  The insurance company will fight back and try to minimize their liability and you need help with your personal injury case.

Best advice we can give you is to hire a legal team.  Do not agree to a settlement with an insurance company because they do not have your best interests in mind. As a result it's very likely if you agree to a settlement with them you might get less money than you deserve. Your case could even be fully denied.

Road accidents can affect any motorist. So if you’ve been injured in an incident involving a truck, SUV, passenger car, moped, motorcycle, any other motorized vehicle, get some help. That is why you need the Accident Recovery Team.

Our team consists of former insurance attorneys who fights back against insurers.  Accident Recovery Team will get you the compensation you deserve.