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Personal Injury,

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R. Todd King

Gary Albin

Kansas Personal Injury, Car Accident, Workers Compensation & Disability Attorneys


​Are you looking for an attorney in Kansas? The Accident Recovery team can tackle your legal issues concerning personal injury claims, workers compensation, car wrecks, product liability, disability, or even social security. Your case is in good hands with us because our lawyers fight tirelessly to win or get a favorable settlement.

The attorneys at Accident Recovery Team believes there is no “small” case. Every single one of our clients is a priority, and we treat them all with the utmost respect. That’s because we understand all too well how the ramifications of a trial or hearing can impact you and your family.

Have your legal problems handled by a top-notch, experienced team. Our partners, Sean, Todd, and Gary, have worked as attorneys for insurance companies, and they can use that experience in your favor to think outside the box and get you what you deserve.  And if you’re worried about the costs, don’t; we only work on a contingency fee basis so you won’t have to cover any legal costs or fees. We’ll earn them by winning the trial or getting a good settlement that will allow you and your family to move on and return to your normal life.

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